The Legal Rapist

Ramu and Guddi found love at first sight. They adored each other, talked every night. 
Eventually they got married. A ring in the finger justified everything, It justified all the fighting. 
She was on her period, she wasn’t ready. He wanted it,“We’ll take this slow and steady”
She cried till her eyes turned red. Ramu slept whereas Guddi was wide awake. 
She consoled herself, asked herself to calm down. But the next night, all she could do was frown. 
For this cycle repeated itself, again and again. Till she could no more suffer the pain. 
She looked it up on the internet. Marital rape it said in bold. But who could she have told? 
Society asked her to keep quiet. For it was a matter of shame. The melancholy of the rape was forgotten, as if it was Guddi to blame. 
She didn’t say a word, she did as she was told. She obeyed her master. For marriage is gold 

Humans and their audacity

I think i have finally figured it out. I’ve finally figured out what is wrong with humanity, what has made us so ignorant. I’ve finally understood it.

It’s simple, let me give you a hint it starts with you and ends with you. Yes you guessed it, it is you. I don’t just mean you reader, so don’t panic. I mean everyone, including me.

 It all started when we started taking things for granted. When we started sacrificing our entire year into finishing another mission on GTA (we’ve all been there), or stalking our exes on Instagram (who even uses Facebook anymore?) rather than finishing another Chemistry chapter. We stay true to our commitment, let me rephrase that, we stay true to our words as long as it releases quick dopamine( dopamine in layman terms is a hormone that makes us feel happy). It’s like fast food, it’s fast to get and really tasty, but who are we kidding? It made that kid at prom look fat.

We are afraid of commitment to long, strenuous tasks that require real effort to complete. Like remember the one time you said you’d finish the 30 day work out challenge, we both know you stopped after day two. Hard work is like an avocado shrimp salad, tastes extremely bad but hey, Instagram models eat it.

IF (and that is a big if) you want to become successful you need to become cautious of every little thing you do, and always ask yourself “Is it something I’ll regret?”, and if you’re inner conscious screams “YES”, then for heaven’s sake don’t do it.

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”